Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

As a young girl I always thought the world of my bedroom. It was my personal space, designed to my liking and spoke of my taste and personality. It was my escape to freedom and gave me all the liberty to manage it to my fondness. For a teen today, having a room to herself and making sure its décor and design reflects her persona is imperative.  Whether her room is messy, glossy, impeccable, fashionable it all speaks volumes of her need to be independent and in control of her things and life.

In this article we would illustrate a few tips on helping your teen decide on a perfect retreat for herself

Decide on a plan for Her Bedroom

For any  Teen today the first place of interest in a house would be her room. Right from choosing the right color for the walls, to matching upholstery, to the color of the curtains, there goes a lot into the planning of a perfect haven of one’s dream. After all barring the time out her maximum stint at home is spent in her little world, her bedroom

To start, help your teen list out all the ideas that she has bottled up ever since she dreamed of a room for herself. It is absolutely possible that the ideas would all be jumbled and confusing. Well, nothing to fret about. After all, aren’t the teenage years packed with dilemma over trivial topics?

Colours for Her Bedroom

Once the outline of her bedroom is designed, the next battle to fight is to decide on the color of her private chamber. Most teens like to choose colors that would express her attitude, persona, beliefs and obsessions.

It could be a task to arrive on a particular color to suit her interest. However, there is a cheat trick here. Introduce her to different shades and patterns of the same old gaudy color she may have thought of.

It is also advisable to use paints rather than wall papers, it goes easy on your pocket and can be replaced easily. The wearing out of a paint is much less compared to that of a wall paper.

Upholstery for Her Bedroom

Furnishing a teenage girl’s bedroom could possibly be the most dreadful and time taking labor for a parent. It’s difficult to decide if the room needs too little or too much.

What has always worked is the idea of mix and match. A little of this and a little of that is the key to a cleverly furnished room and more so for a teenage. Your teen is sure to have her favorites that have to find a place in the room.

Tips to manage Her Dream Room

Allow your teen her space to decide and furnish her dream room.

The more she spends time in its designing and setting, the more likely is she to be happy and content with it.

Let her be the architect of her vision

Happy Planning!

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